1WeekWhiteEdgeI was born on September 30, 1977, to John and Peggy Hudson. I was born without arms, and half of my right leg with my foot where the knee would be. Shortly after my mother conceived, the doctors thought she had conceived in one of her fallopian tubes. They performed exploratory surgery and found that she was carrying me in the womb, and let her proceed to full term.


Technology at that time was not what it is today, and when I was born, my condition was a total bombshell to the doctors, my parents and the rest of my family. This, however, was no surprise to God: Psalms 139:14 says, "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well."


The doctors immediately took me from my parents, and placed me in another room.  Sometime later they advised my parents of the birth defects, and recommended that she sign me over to the state.  They told my mom I would not live a "normal" life. They told her that I would never be able to play with the other kids, or even sit on my own.


After receiving the news, my mom decided to sign the papers; not to award me to the state, but to release herself from of the hospital. In a day when aborting a freakish child, or just abandoning them was on the rise, she decided to keep her child.  Even though at that time she was unsaved, God had already started to work in our lives.


I had a sister, Rebecca (shown to the right), that was four years older than myself. One night my cousin came over to spend the night with her. The next morning, my mom and I had to go out, so my dad stayed and watched my sister and cousin.



When my mom and I were on our way home, we could not turn onto our street. The police had the road blocked off. We noticed that there was a helicopter in front of our house. We were told that my sister had been hit by a car.


My sister was taken to the hospital where she would die a week later at the age of eight. This may sound depressing, but it is one of the most important events in my life. The week my sister was in the hospital, the pastor of the church my grandparents attended visited with my mom. During that visit, my mom accepted Christ as her Saviour!


After my mom got saved, she started taking me to church. At the age of four I made a profession of faith. Every week my mom was faithful in taking me to church. She had always taught me that God had made me special. I did not understand what that meant, but I believed it. In fact, the first sticker I had for my wheelchair said, "Please be patient, God isn't finished with me yet."



By this time, I had already learned how to sit on my own, write with my foot, feed myself, and climb up and down the stairs. Since kindergarten, I grew up in mainstream schooling. The teachers and the other students treated me just like the other students.


When I reached my teen years, I became a rebellious teenager. I started hanging out with the wrong type of people, and listening to the wrong types of music. I threatened to kill my mother, and then commit suicide. However, I realized that because of my condition, I would not be able to go through with it.  I also realized that NOTHING is worth killing yourself over, therefore, I decided to leave home.


I went to a "friends" house, but he refused to take care of me. I was forced to go back home. Later on, I was glad because I found out that my "friend" was arrested for secondary murder. That could have been me arrested, or even dead. I would have died without Christ and gone straight to hell.


In the fall of 1995, my church was having a week-long revival meeting. On that Wednesday night, four days after my 18Th birthday, I trusted Christ as my Saviour! Remember, when I was four I made a profession of faith, but on October 4, 1995, I trusted Christ as my only way to heaven. That was a true possession of faith. Amen!


On the same night I got saved, I surrendered my life to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. I now had purpose for living. Christ changed my life. Shortly after being saved I began working in various areas in my church. I have worked with all age groups, but God has called me to minister to teens and adults. My prayer is that revival would be kindled in the hearts of these precious people.

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