What Pastors Are Saying About The Hudson's And Their Ministry...





Dear Pastor,


I have known Johnny and Rachel as young people, well before they knew each other.  Then God gave me the privilege to have a part in training each them in Bible College.


Since, I have been able to view them and their ministries in evangelism.  God uses them greatly.  Dr. Hudson knows the Word of God.  Both he and Mrs. Hudson live by faith in Him.


Please don't hesitate to use them for a special day at your church, an adult or teen retreat, a youth rally, revival, or in a public school outreach.  God will work in hearts to His glory!


Enthusiastically Endorsed,
Dr. Bruce Miller, Evangelist





Dear Independent Fundamental Baptist Brethren,


Recently, Johnny Hudson and his dear wife Rachel came to our church to preach for a Sunday. He did an outstanding job. The auditorium was full and he had people on the edge of their seats. Obviously, Brother Johnny has a unique situation, but people were not listening to him because he is some sort of a circus act or sideshow. They listened to him because he preached the Word with power. He knows his Bible. He is a separated Christian and he has a tremendous testimony.


I am quite pleased with the opportunity to recommend him to any fellow pastor in need of a solid guest preacher. In fact, as I sat there listening to him, I thought, "I wish I would have known about him sooner and I wish my fellow pastors in the ministry could know about this hidden treasure." I whole-heartedly recommend him for any type of special day you may have.


Both Johnny and his wife Rachel are a tremendous testimony to God's grace and the cause of Christ. I trust you will find an opportunity for service in your church for this dear brother.


I even led our church into taking Brother Johnny on for monthly support as an evangelist. I  believe it is a wise use of our money and did so with great pleasure. I would encourage you to do the same.


Pastor Steve Hobbins
Senior Pastor, Lewis Avenue Baptist Church
Temperance, MI





In September 2002, Evangelist Johnny Hudson became a member of New Life Baptist Church.  What a blessing he has been to our church.  Although he was born without arms and legs, he has a positive outlook on life, and has a great sense of humor.  Most of all, Johnny is a man of God.  As a man of God, Johnny lives his life for Jesus, and boldly preaches the word of God.


He is a Sunday School teacher, Bible Institute teacher, and involved in the outreach ministry to the Baltimore Rescue Mission from New Life Baptist Church.  He is also available to do whatever he can with his talents and gifts.


As his pastor, I would highly recommend Johnny Hudson to come to your church to preach the word of God.  You will find he is conservative in doctrine, and a soul winning preacher.  He has a passion to see souls saved and revival in the hearts of Christians.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 410-256-6001.  


Dr. Johnnie W. Brewer, Pastor
New Life Baptist Church, White Marsh, Maryland

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